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David 'StockTipDave' Vangrov from ActionPark Media

For episode 99 we had the pleasure to be joined by Dave Vangrov, the Video Editor from ActionPark Media. We had a blast chatting with Dave about an abundance of topics from his fan experiences to his career in sports and how he ended up working at ActionPark Media.

ActionPark Media is a media content company founded by Kevin Connolly, who played Eric Murphy on the hit HBO Show Entourage. ActionPark produces popular podcasts such as American Glutton, Flashbacks. and Victory The Podcast.

The main theme and ongoing moral in this episode is PERSISTENCE. We learn how persistence put Dave on a path to work with 3 NHL teams & 2 NBA teams and eventually led him to Hollywood to work with ActionPark Media. In addition to the stories about his career journey we talk about:

  1. 1995 Easter Conference Finals between the Magic and Pacers

  2. Dave's favorite experiences as a fan and a team employee

  3. Driving Gary Busey home (great video on Dave's IG @stocktipdave)

  4. Co-hosting an episode of Victory

  5. Victory The Podcast Live Tour (tickets available on ticketmaster)

  6. and much more including a special camEo appearance

In addition to talking with our guest, we discuss a great week 4 in the NFL and an exciting finish to the MLB regular season. We look ahead to week 5 NFL action and the MLB Wild Card games and upcoming playoffs.



Join us live and in person for our 100th episode on Sunday, October 10th at 1pm EST at Rudi's Bar and Grille. Rudi's is located at 554 NY-112, Patchogue, NY 11772. We are excited to meet our dedicated viewers and have fun watching the early slate of games in between the Jets/Falcons London showdown and the Giants/Cowboys game of the week in the late slate of games in week 5 of NFL football. Come on down and have a good time with us and your fellow fans.


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