Playing The Field Available Now

Playing The Field, the sports fans dating app is available now on the web at The app is in beta testing and open to all United States sports fans over 18 years of age.

If you are a sports fan you understand that we are different than others that don't follow sports. We understand that feeling of waking up on a Sunday morning excited for a day of football. We understand the heartbreak of a bottom of the ninth walk off loss and the euphoria of a walk off comeback win.

The corner of the end zone touchdowns, the hat tricks, the buzzer beaters, the grand slams...these are just a few things that only sports fans understand.

Online dating is the new way to meet people and start relationships. The problem with some is that they don't allow you the ability to search for your best matches in an easy way. We created Playing The Field, the sports fans dating app for the sole purpose to allow our users to meet and mingle with sports fans throughout our dating app.

No need to swipe left on an indefinite amount of profiles to find someone that is a sports fan. Everyone that is Playing The Field is a sports fan looking for friends or dating. You also don't have to be obligated to wear a jersey in your profile picture if you don't want to. Your profile will be in the form of a trading card and in your favorite teams colors.

Start Playing The Field today to Find Your MVP!