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Socially Distanced Dating

The world we live in today is something none of us would have ever expected. We all had plans. Plans to travel, plans for birthdays, plans for weddings, plans for finding someone to navigate this crazy world with.

And thus has brought all of us looking for that person through online dating. And let’s be honest, there really has never been a worse time to be single. Maybe you can make an argument for during the Great Depression, but that is about it. Dating in our everyday lives was already a tough thing to do. It seems like this new covid era has introduced a lot of different people all over the world because we’re all staring at our screens. For dating lives, this really could be a major jump.

Online dating has it’s up and downs, but in today’s world what else are we supposed to do? If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this year is that life can be short and you just have to put yourself out there.

Of course this is easier said than done, but I think this online dating helps some of our anxiety. Let’s admit, dating is not like it was in the old days. You do not have to use your house phone and call someone hoping they answer and it’s not going to be their parents. We live in the world of shooting your shot and sliding into DMs. It takes a little bit of pressure off of us knowing you don’t have to get rejected face to face. It’s easy to tell someone isn’t interested just by not answering and can save some of us a lot of heartache.

Through DMs and the many communication tools available to us we are able to find ourselves in a constant flow of talking. Eventually if these conversations go well enough then we get facetime and maybe if that goes well we may get to (socially distanced) meet in person.

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