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The Perfect Play

Do you live and die with your favorite sports team(s)?

Have you ever wondered what dating a fellow sports fanatic with similar sports passions might be like?

At Playing The Field™, an online dating app launching in the near future, we strive to help you find your MVP – Most Valuable Purpose.

Our web-based app allows users to meet their match and connect with sports fans from around the country who share similar, or different, interests.

The man or woman of your dreams could be out there right now, sitting on the couch, watching the same sports highlights as you – and if you Play The Field Now you just might be able to join him or her.

Imagine a relationship in which you both get home from work and cuddle up on the couch with the game on?

Don’t underestimate dating a rival fan either – it could be quite fun to share a competitive relationship!

Whether you’re arguing over LeBron vs Jordan, or just enjoying a Sunday afternoon ball game together, we encourage users to meet their teammate.

Like we always say, there’s no team without a mate!

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